The most important in our part of Europe conference of electronic media, permanently present in the calendar of cable, television and telecommunication branches. This year the conference with the motto „New challenges and trends in the global media world” will take place in Novotel Poznan Centrum Hotel, between 9th and 12th October 2017.Our guests will be the representatives of Government, Parliament, European Commission, regulators, foreign and national operators of cable networks, television broadcasters, providers and producers of the audiovisual content and equipment, infrastructure, technological and IT solutions.


The conference will be accompanied by the Exhibition, presenting products and services of the biggest companies from the branch. This year, for the eleventh time, the prestigious prize Golden PIKE will be awarded during the formal Gala. As in previous years, the conference gathers the most important persons, representing the leading companies of the television and IT market in Poland and abroad – the expected number of participants is approximately 800 persons.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

Only one month from now the 44th International Conference and Exhibition PIKE 2017 will be held in Poznan, the economic capital of the Wielkopolska province and the hometown of Inea, Poland’s leading broadband operator, as well as Wielkopolska Sieć Szerokopasmowa, both actively engaged in construction of the Wielkopolska Broadband Network. The event will be held on 9-11 October 2017 and its main motto will be: “New challenges and trends in the global world of media”. We would like to invite you to this exceptional event and we have no doubt that it will be a great continuation of the autumn conferences and exhibitions held in the previous years.

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the self-regulatory organisation of the Polish electronic communication operators and the festivities that surrounded the Spring edition of the Conference will continue.  We would like to invite all the members of PIKE to a Jubilee Meeting that will be held on Monday, 9 October at 1 PM. The meeting will include workshops on the changes in the Polish copyright law (new court verdicts in copyright collective-related cases, acquiring laws directly from the broadcasters, portability, etc.) and the practices of the Polish Office of Electronic Communications related to real estate access procedures.


The main focus of the Conference will be on the challenges and trends in the global world of media which influence our everyday life. We are witnessing the fall of the world of media and communications as we know it, followed by a development of a new model, corresponding to the ever-changing consumers’ needs. The new order is characterised by mobile access and development of nonlinear media, as well as rejecting traditional access technologies, and it is built primarily by the US offering brands of the audiovisual service providers that dominate all over the world.  In comparison, the European model of electronic media seems slightly outdated, yet waiting for its potential to be tapped. The pace of the changes will be surely determined by the creation of the European Digital Single Market and, above all, by globalisation of content and elaboration of new, worldwide platforms providing access to content via Internet. The Programme of the Conference will revolve around the issues described above, since it goes without saying that the world of media we know is currently subject to great changes and even the nearest future is impossible to predict.

Yet, what makes PIKE 2017 the most important event of its kind in Poland is the confirmed participation of all the most prominent members of the electronic communication and mass media community, as well as the topics that they are going to discuss. As usual, the Exhibition accompanying the Conference will offer a wide range of workshops, presentations and lectures conducted by individual companies, and will provide a opportunity to the broadcasters to present the wide range of services they offer.

I hope that the 44th edition of the International Conference and Exhibition PIKE will bring you successful debates, interesting business contacts, as well as new artistic and social experiences. We encourage you to register at www.konferencjepike.pl and to follow the Programme that will be gradually updated.

See you in Poznan on 9 October 2017!

Jerzy Straszewski 
President of the Management Board

Polish Chamber for Electronic Communications                              

Włodzimierz Zieliński 
President of the Management Board

Polish Foundation for the Development of Electronic Communication



Jerzy Straszewski 

Conference topics

The television market in Poland – what’s yet to come?
New challenges and trends in the global media world
TV Internet vs. Internet TV: new technologies
The future of the advertising market in Poland
Polish cable market – to be regulated or to be left alone?
Sports content in the digital world vs. customers’ expectation – how to create a common market
The future of the telecom industry
Will antitrust laws strengthen pluralism and media competition in Poland?


 is a prestigious award given by members of the Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication, who since 2007 have distinguished in this special way companies and institutions, which in a distinguished way contribute to the development of the whole industry and serve as a role model for their activity, both business and social.









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