Jerzy Minorczyk

IAA Polska

General Director of IAA Poland since 2014. He has been working in the media since 1992, first in Gazeta Wyborcza, then in Telewizja Polska S.A., television weeklies, opinion weeklies and in the periodical Media & Marketing Polska. Acting as a director, publishing director or director of marketing and advertising. Jerzy Minorczyk was also the director of the first and second edition of the “Product of the Year” marketing program dedicated to innovative FMCG products. He participated in the launches of the non-profit project “Cinema at the Corner” – a network of modern, cameral social cinemas located outside large urban centers. Polish philologist, graduate of management and postgraduate studies in marketing, promotion and advertising, former member of the Board of Advertising and Supervisory Boards of PBC, regular member of IAA Poland.