Wojciech Dziomdziora


We are the largest of the Polish law firms. For almost 25 years our experts have advised both Polish and foreign clients from all business sectors. We currently have over 150 experts in various specialisations working in our offices in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. Despite our numbers and diversifications, what distinguishes us is our engagement, availability and full understanding of our clients’ needs. Working within thirty interdisciplinary groups of specialists, we take a holistic approach to problems. We believe that close relations bring better solutions. Our efficiency is down to our close cooperation with our clients. We maintain our good reputation and professional prestige thanks to the years’ experience in advising on large complex projects, introducing innovative solutions and working with very demanding clients. This is also why we have for years taken first place in rankings drawn up by Rzeczpospolita and DGP as well and international specialist rankings, eg. Chambers & Partners.