Radosław Juźwin


Board Advisor, Strategic/Business Development, Sales/Distribution & Customer Care Director with expert knowledge of the digital, telecommunication and media market gained while working for prominent corporations.

Key achievements and areas of competence:

·    Managing large groups of employees and co-workers (600+)

·    Developing Digital, Sales, Distribution, Marketing and Customer Care areas

·    Building strategies, implementing and monitoring structural and process changes within organizations

·    Conducting merger and post-merger integration projects

·    Advising for board members and key managers

·    Content acquisition knowledge and high negotiation skills


·    Building distribution channels (e-commerce, call center, B2B, B2C, D2D)

·    Implementing new on-line products

·    Creating strategies and budgets

·    Implementing modern management systems

·    Cooperating with the biggest companies on media, telecom and other industries

·    Conducting audits and implementing solutions and trainings systems for companies



Work experience:

T-Mobile – Head of Content Strategy

TVN – Business Development Director

nc+ – Marketing & Distribution Director (cable)

telewizja nowej generacji n – Sales and Distribution Director, Customer Care Director

HBO – Kay Account Manager